January 31, 2013
The Fallacy of ‘Gun Free’ Zones

A good friend of mine is a school social worker. She knows I think ‘gun free’ zones are a fallacy, but she wasn’t quite convinced. She wasn’t anti-gun, but she wouldn’t have felt comfortable with them in a school. A few years ago, she was interning at a school and sent me an interesting message, which I’ve paraphrased below:

Someone called in a threat at my school today – they said they were on their way to the school with a gun to kill everyone. The staff told us that they would lock the doors. My first thought was, ‘yeah, I’m sure that a locked door will stop him.’ Then I realized that you’ve been right all along.

My friend understood from that day forward that ‘gun free’ zones mean nothing to someone intent on breaking laws far more serious and with far greater consequences. When she realized criminals have no respect for ‘gun free’ zones, she realized that a door lock wasn’t at the top of her list of preferred countermeasures.

Her experience provided me with another question that I now ask opponents: “If an insane gunman rushes into your classroom intending to murder you and your classmates, what would you rather have – a law that says he can’t have that gun here, or another gun?”

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